Get organized for your dog's next adventure!
Get organized for your dog's next adventure!
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Road Tripping!

Hitting the road on an adventurous getaway is one of our favorite things to do. Our family cottage is 1800 kms away and there are a number of routes to take to get there. We switch it up every summer but one thing always remains the same - we bring our dog!
Traveling for a long distance in a car with a dog can be a challenge, but thanks to more and more restaurants and hotels becoming pet friendly, our travels have been a breeze. Depending on the route we take there can be several rest stops with dog runs or parks with dog beaches. We recommend researching your route to map these out in advance so you are not forced to stop at a less than desirable spot.
It’s also a good idea to bring your dog's vaccination and medical records. We advise to contact the vet at your destination to find out their hours and options for emergency services. This came in handy for us after our pup decided to feast on chicken wing bones at the family reunion. In stressful situations it is good to have an emergency contact on hand. There are also online pet care services that can help.
But the most useful item we have for our travels is our Dog On-The-Go Travel Bag! It keeps all of our dog’s food, water, snacks, bowls, towels and toys in a neat and convenient bag. It is so much easier to bring our dog places when all of her stuff is in one place.
We hope your next road trip with your pup is fantastic, and we would love to help out with a 15% discount on our Dog On-The-Go Travel Bag with code SUMMER15.
Safe travels! xoxo North40Paws

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